The Wardani People
The Wardandi People are the traditional custodians of the land bounded by Capel to the Northeast, Augusta in the South and including the regions now known as Busselton, Yallingup and Margaret River.

They have a strong connection to the sea, and are the custodians of the many caves in the area. The caves are the passages to the after-life and the region of the sea god Wardan.

The Wardandi people have developed the Wardan Centre as a place where they can introduce their culture to visitors, school groups and Aboriginal people from other areas.

The Wardan Aboriginal Centre
The Wardan Aboriginal Cultural Centre was developed by the Wardandi people as a place where they can share their culture with visitors, school groups and Aboriginal people from other areas, in an effort to increase understanding and reconciliation with the wider community.

The Wardan Centre Gallery exhibits and sells the works of the Wardandi people and Southwest Noongah art works. Visiting exhibitions also bring works from the Northwest.

The Centre has become know for its extensive collection and its policy of giving exposure to developing as well as established Indigenous artists.Various works on display are the interpretation of important elements of the Wardandi people’s existence and experience.